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World Photo Day (Henry Wessel)

"I see you"

“I see you”

No photoshop, No Lightroom... BITCH!

No photoshop, No Lightroom… BITCH!

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White Light, Stained Lens

Yellow, Red and Blue these are the chromatic masters of the spectrum, without these three specific light wave lenghts none other colour would exist at human seight. Blue and yellow for instances, mix to create the beautifull green that baths most of the trees and unanimated living beings. But there’s a twist. Did you know that nothing in the world possesses a true colour? Yes, that’s right! Our reality is composed by the “white” light wich is the combination of of all the colours in the spectrum, and things only reflect a specific colour and that’s the one we assigned to each particular thing.
Now that we have established the bases of colour perception I riddle you with this: What about if we lived in a “red light” world? Oranges will certainly be no longer orange, so would they be called oranges? I don’t think so, do you? Tree leafs will no longer be green, the sky will no longer be blue. Everything would change, a small, tiny change like the colour of the light that we’re used to, would make a lot bigger changes in our world and consequentially in our lifes. What I’m trying to prove here is that reality, like beauty, is on the eye of the beholder (like Plato previously thougt on the Allegory of the Cavern). So, what if YOU change your perception? What if you could see the colours mixing? Yellow and blue mixing right in front of your eyes, and combined creating that beautifull green. The light hiting an unanimated object in such different ways and so fast that it becomes animated. It does not SEEM animated because in that instance that’s your reality, it IS animated, you’re seeing it, it is real!!
I have another question for you then: would you like it? Well I did, and honestly I still do! I liked the way my perception was changed and how what’s generally considered true or false is no longer a requirement for me to extrapolate a conclusion about something. I’m still a child, but every experience contributes and alters something in my cognitive process that we call thinking. What we can never forget is that we must absorb those experiences, and not let them absorb you. We can never forget that in our world most people are afraid, or simply don’t want to put on the “red lens glasses”, so you have to change back to the “clear lenses”, but don’t worry if you liked it and learned from ir those lenses are no longer completely clear, they’re stained with that beautifull red.