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Fiction, Faction and Soylent

Do you know when you start talking about movies and 1 hour later are talking about the importance of corn in a chicken’s diet? Well nowadays that also happens a lot in the internet, the invention of google made the rambling so much easier. A few minutes ago I was googling some summer festivals lineups and found something that made me think about the robotization of humanity. Here’s a subject that  has been probably discussed since technology first appeared, the optimization of the human kind as if we were seen as a buggy operation system as since then been an area of business. Well, this thing is Soylent and let me tell you it scares the crap out of me, and gave a shout into my inner childhood nerd memory and this Dr.Who scene just appeared vividly in my mind. Is this what we should expect? We’re gonna start swallowing a perfect combination of nutrients and vitamins instead of being able to have the first bite into that freshly picked orange, that tender juicy steak or whatever tickles your fancy? I suppose they can make it taste like whatever we want, and that would be enough for most… stranger things have happened on the history of humanity that are now considered normal. So is this a glimpse of the near future or just another “LA trend”?


Doesn’t it look yummy?